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Silver lake Plumbers is a leading Plumbing Mechanical Contractor serving clients in the Residential market in the Los Angeles Area. Since our inauguration, we have committed to customer service being our number one priority. If our customers are not satisfied, neither are we. We can provide you with * Fully qualified and trained technicians * Competitive & honest pricing on parts & labor * Workmanship is guaranteed * Customer satisfaction * Environmentally friendly approach You can give us a call for any plumbing issues such as: Sewer repairs; Water heater replacement; Bathroom remodeling or replacement; Sink and toilet replacement.

Established in 2009. A family owned business.His three goals were to provide excellent customer service, gain loyal customers, and be a permanent plumbing company in the greater bay area. With many years of experience in the plumbing field. He was quickly able to gain many accounts and many loyal residential customers.

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I hit up Silverlake plumbers because my kitchen sink was really leaky. I needed to get it repaired so I called up this contracting company to do the job. They were able to send us a technician the following week on my free time and availability and fix it for a very low price. Thanks a lot guys for the work and I will definitely refer you guys to friends!
Molly A.

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